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About the Book

“The simple act of caring for someone you love has amazing power—healing broken relationships, restoring self-confidence and clarifying life priorities. But being a caregiver can also be physically and emotionally exhausting. Caregivers often feel overwhelmed by the work and the demands of those receiving their care. Over time, family caregivers pay a high emotional, physical, social and financial price for caring and giving. I have written Strength for the Moment to honor caregivers and to affirm and encourage them in their labor of love.” —Lori Hogan

Strength for the Moment combines personal caregiver stories with prayer, Bible Scriptures, caregiver quotes and a touch of humor to uplift readers’ spirits and bring God’s peace, hope and comfort to any caregiving situation.

Lori has created a deeply moving and inspirational caregiver devotional to celebrate the men and women who give so much for their loved ones, and to give those dedicated family caregivers a source of strength to draw from when they need it most.

In Strength for the Moment, you’ll find 52 chapters that each include:

  • A brief introduction by Lori
  • An inspirational Bible Scripture
  • A caregiver’s story
  • A takeaway caregiver quote
  • A prayer for caregivers

Each chapter can serve as a personal devotional, designed with brevity in mind for you to read during perhaps one of the fleeting moments you have to yourself each day. Or, the 52 chapters can provide topics for a group discussion at a Bible study or caregiver support group meeting.

To view sample chapters, visit the Order the Book page.

Lori will donate her profits from the sale of this book to The Home Instead Senior Care Foundation.