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Prayers for Caregivers

The many day-to-day challenges that come with caring for an aging loved one can sometimes keep us from recognizing the presence of God in our lives. These prayers were written especially to help caregivers like you focus and find strength through your faith.

God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob,
When you called me to care for my mother I never dreamed it would be this difficult. Please open my eyes to opportunities that surround me to stimulate and interact with her throughout the day. Help me to see that spending time with my mother is a privilege and a blessing, and not a burden.

God of Love,
Your Holy Word tells us to love our neighbors as ourselves. Help me to step out in obedience and follow those instructions. Change my heart, O God, and give me compassion to love others even when they are difficult to love and not able to respond or reciprocate.

Giver of Abundant Life,
Thank you for the precious gift of laughter! Please lift the burdens I feel today and let me lift the spirits of those for whom I care. I thank you and praise you, Father, for the unique gifts you have blessed me with and those you have yet to reveal. Continue to use me boldly for your honor and glory.

Lord, you are the God of Details,
Please give me the wisdom and sense of timing to talk to my parents about their desired future care. What a blessing to know how they want to age. Enable me to follow their plan, Lord. Help me to gather my important papers and affairs together for my children, so that they can have peace of mind knowing that my wishes are recorded.

Lord of All,
Help me to be flexible and have the ability to go with the flow as I care for my parent with Alzheimer’s. I pray that I will not get angry when things don't go as planned throughout the day. Help me to discover the humor in unusual situations and not take life so seriously. But most of all, Lord, I want my parent to know he is loved. Thank you for your tender, unconditional love.