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Stories of Caring

Give strength to other caregivers by sharing your experiences. Share your story.

Stories of caring are all around us. Every caregiver has a story, and every story ripples through family members, friends, coworkers and beyond. When Lori Hogan set out to collect 52 caregiving stories to include in Strength for the Moment, she didn’t have to go far to find an abundance of personal narratives, advice, wisdom, inspiration and hope.

The caregiving stories shared in Strength for the Moment come from people in or close to the Home Instead Senior Care® network—staff members, franchise owners, partners, family members, friends and other acquaintances—who have generously offered to share their stories to help caregivers find strength and encouragement.

Read a few of those stories from the book, and we encourage you to also share yours.

Stories from Readers

Life story from a pampered Girl to Mature Womanby Neha Sharma (0 comments)

A fairytale wedding, a loving husband, all happy faces. What more I can ask more from GOD. I got married at the age of 26(as per my parents I was late for my marriage). It was an inter-cast love …more

a Curious Varun Shrivastava (0 comments)

It is definitely Rakesh and his immense will power which changed so many nomadic hearts roving around restless highway junctions, asking for money, from one car to another. Yes, he is a beggar by …more

Overcoming past defeatby James Calder (0 comments)

My name is James Calder and I'm an author and public speaker on self-belief for young people aged 16-24, from South Wales. I work alongside the Prince's Trust and Big Ideas Wales, inspiring young …more

happiness in overcoming and givingby miraonorma (0 comments)

My husband of 46 years has Parkinson's disease. He used to walk 4-plus miles to the hospital where he was a cardiologist. Now he exalts in less than one city block. But we do it! Every day! His …more

Love enduresby Roger and Camille (0 comments)

My mom Ruth had hip replacement surgery fifteen years ago and me and my wife is her caregiver over the years she started to forget her doctors explained it was vascular Demetia , through it all we had …more

Life Of Being Adoptedby DavonWoods (0 comments)

Life Of Being Adopted We just want to start our own organization to help kids find their birth families , because my brother and I went through it, so we just want to help kids all over the world , …more

Lord help me to hold outby marilyn barnett (0 comments)

My name is Marilyn almost four years ago I was getting ready to married to a wonderful hard working man. We got married in August and December he had his first stroke. In April of the following …more

"An Awakening"by Karen Rice (0 comments)

When I was diagnosed with Breast cancer a few years back, I reacted like most who receive a cancer diagnose; first thing came to mind was a “death sentence”. However, I found out later that it was …more

What Ifby Derek Fisher (0 comments)

WHAT IF…. What if I couldn’t see anymore? What if I was unable to walk anymore? What if I couldn’t hear anymore? How would I feel and what would I do? Have you ever had those thoughts? I have …more

Knowiong the person as an individualby Derek Fisher (0 comments)

Knowing the person as an individual We are all individuals, are we not? I love soccer and cricket but you may hate them both. I hate soap operas on TV but you may love them. I love my cup of tea …more

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