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Stories of Caring

Race to Forgivenessby Kris J. Klingaman (0 comments)

Psalm 103:8-12 The LORD is merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love. He will not always chide, nor will he keep his anger forever. He does not deal with us according to …more

Momby dialynon (3 comments)

I am a 60 yr old daughter. My beloved mother is 86. I have been caring for her for over a year now.Sometimes I feel as though I am drowning in my duties. I also work a full time 40 hour week! At one …more

Stretching the Soul through Caretakingby REdmonds (0 comments)

I grew up never thinking about becoming a caretaker. It never occurred to me that as the only girl child, that I had been elected to be the family caretaker. It began when my 38 year old brother …more

THE WRENby Earlene Bailey (0 comments)

On July 8th 2009,My Mother passed away. I am a hairdresser,and My MOM worked with me,as a shampoo lady,etc. After her passing ,was a very difficult time for me,as I am an only child. a few days …more

Faith...Saving My Day, and life. My Special Heart Todd A. Beck (1 comment)

Health Note: PVC's My -Beck “One” Heart Synchronization Therapy-A Step in Ending Arrythmia and Premature Ventricular Contractions First, I will summarize what PVC's or this type of …more

Medicated Comaby Cynthia (1 comment)

I suffered for a month near to death twice. I had open heart surgery to replace my valves. I got nuephonia and then my nightmare started. They had to medicate me due to me contracting all kinds of …more

A Light In the Darknessby Judy Vaught (0 comments)

My father was dying of cancer. He never "bought" faith or belief in God. Several months before his death, his youngest brother visited us at our home in Houston from his home in Indiana. Just …more

A Caregivers Caregiverby Julie Littig (2 comments)

I'm considered a strong person. Ha ! In 2009 I lost my sister-in-law (cancer) in January; my Mother(cancer) in March; my Dad (heart) in May; my husband's friend (motorcycle accident) late May; …more

caregivingby RUTHY Moix (0 comments)

I am a caregiver I go to peoples homes to take care of their love ones so that the family can go to work and not worry if the one who is sick will be okay when they have to work. I feel that Jesus …more

Saved My Lifeby laurie (0 comments)

Oct. 2011 I was hospitalized for a month and in a coma for 2 weeks. A dear friend came to hospital daily while I was in coma, talked to me, prayed for me, played her guitar form & watched my pets the …more

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