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Stories of Caring

"Miss" Dorisby Amy Detter (0 comments)

There are many days I feel pulled in a million directions. At home, I worry about my parents, work, my extended family and the volunteer work I do. At work, all of the above except work. The one thing …more

Surgery Recoveryby James (0 comments)

I was in the USMC and served in the infantry. Overtime my body was beat up from carrying the heavy load of gear on my back and around my waist. My joints would ache. By the time I was 24yrs old, I …more

our storyby johnagapes (0 comments)

My wife Sue, fell off a cliff in March 2007. She slid down and downward spiral really fast into a very ever so slow of slipping into the grave. She is total dependent. I work full time, for insurance, …more

The Holy Spirit in Terms of Bryan Spohn (2 comments)

God called my mother home to Him when I was 17, and she 44, because of metastasized breast cancer. My cousin went to Him when he was 28, of metastatic bone cancer. My wife is currently battling …more

Reflections of a Caregiverby Ingrid Shelton (10 comments)

Ingrid Shelton Personal Experience Story PO Box 3171 Word Count: 988 Blaine, WA 98231 First rights [email protected] Reflection of a …more

Choosing to Laughby Debora Nelson Carmichael (5 comments)

My family all thought I’d finally gone off the deep end. To be fair, they had some reason for concern: I was about to marry a man with MS. Not someone who would get sick after many great years …more

My two sistersby Baldassare Taormina (0 comments)

The day would start at 7 am. My sister maria would rise and put coffe on and then she would begin the routine that would take up the next eleven years of her life. She would go to my mother and make …more

My last few years with my fatherby Rose Copner (0 comments)

About 2002 my father came to live with us at the age of around 80 or 81,after his wife died,he had remarried after my mom passed away from cancer a few years before that.He had alot of health problems …more

Loving Tedby deanna littler (0 comments)

Ted passed away 3 years ago after a 7 year battle with Alzheimers Disease. He was my dear husband. Even with this disease he wanted to volunteer to be part of clinical trials for new meds for this …more

I love my fatherby Maria (0 comments)

I take care of my father who has moved in with my husband and I.He is 92 and has parkinsons.I did not think it would be this hard on me.He uses a wheel chair now due to always falling.Im also very …more

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