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Stories of Caring

Be at Peaceby Judy (6 comments)

I retired from teaching to care for my aging parents. I was their caregiver for ten years. As their age increased, they both suffered from dementia. I had to move them from their home into an …more

On the job RonCon96 (0 comments)

I always knew that I could stop and see what others needs may be. But God is showing me how to use this gift by being a caregiver for 2 of my friends. Ken is 83 and Leeann is 84. She went in for knees …more

God is my husband's physicianby Denise Bryant (6 comments)

January 24, 2007 was a life changing day in the Bryant Household. One moment we were the average working family and the next moment I was facing an emergency room physician. I could hear the words …more

Never Lose Faith! NEVER!!!by Pat Hansen (1 comment)

My husband was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer last year. It has been horrible and disheartening to see such a vibrant, strong, handsome man be reduced to a weak, bald, helpless one. He has never …more

God's plan for meby Kathy (2 comments)

I am a home health aide since 2003. I currently care for four clients in their homes who have various health and mental issues as a state contracted NAR. I also care for my precious 86 year old …more

Doing what was needed (a parent adult healing)by Mary Ann Brenner (0 comments)

After my wonderful husband died in 2004. My brother George called me. "say, since I am not into faminen hygene, could you arrange to come and help with our Mother?" I am a helping person, so I pulled …more

Dad and husband had alzheimers diseaseby deanna littler (1 comment)

In 1995 my step dad passed away from a stroke. He had battled Alzheimers disease for several years. IN 2009 my dear husband had a stroke after battling Alzheimers disease for 7 years. I was his …more Merrie (0 comments)

Right now it is a short story.....the "in a nutshell" version! My elderly parents live with us......have done so for 12 years. We have three sons, two of whom have moved out on their own. the …more

Caregiving: A Lifetime of Purpose & Devotionby Valentinebj (0 comments)

Throughout the entire caregiving process beginning with life and ending with death our patients and loved ones experience a myriad of physical, emotional, and mental feelings of pain and limitations …more

My Mom My Angelby Heather Zwicker (0 comments)

I was the main caregiver for our beautiful Mother for nearly seven years with the last couple years of her life I had the help of four sisters. Our Mother was so wonderful, caring, hardworking and …more

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